We are ready to defend our country.

Ukraine conducts military exercises on Zamitel 2022 at a difficult moment. Neighboring Russia amassed a large army on the border. Western countries fear that Moscow is considering invading Ukraine, but Russian officials say this is terrifying.

One of the Ukrainian commanders at the training ground near the city of Rivne said that the training is being carried out using the “complete range” of weapons available to the ground forces. He concluded: “Artillery, tanks, armored vehicles, anti-tank missiles and firearms.”

Ukraine’s deputy defense minister said the exercises show that the Ukrainian armed forces are ready to start work. We are able to defend our country and we will do it.” The military exercises were attended by military observers from countries such as Poland and the United Kingdom.

Russia indicated this week that it is withdrawing its forces from its border with Ukraine. This led to skeptical reactions. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told ABC News that he sees no evidence that Russia is serious about withdrawal. “Unfortunately, there is a difference between what Russia says and what it does.”

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