Android Auto should add these five functions

Android Auto is a lot better than most standard car manufacturers’ operating systems, but it’s by no means perfect. There is still much room for improvement. This is our wish list for Android Auto.

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Android Auto Wish List: 5 new functions

Google and Apple are not the only smartphone competitors. The two superpowers are also competing for first place behind the wheel. Android Auto Finally it is officially coming to the Netherlands soon and hopefully Google will improve the platform significantly in the coming years. In this article, we share our Android Auto wishlist: We hope Google picks up this stuff in the coming years.

1. More stable

The first item on our list isn’t a great desire, but essentially a plea. Android Auto doesn’t work perfectly for everyone. From problems speaking WhatsApp messages, unresponsive Google Assistant, apps not working (properly) to system not launching at all: The laundry list of Android Auto problems goes a long way.

Therefore, the main desire is to provide stability. We hope the platform on the go will grow in the coming years to become a reliable, robust operating system that performs well in almost any situation. At the moment, it varies by car and phone, how (not) Android Auto works well.

Making the OS more stable is of course easier said than done, because just like there are thousands of Android phones, you can choose from an infinite number of cars. It’s a huge task to make a workable program on all of these cars. However, if one company can do that, it is Google.

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2. More applications

The scope of Android Auto is currently limited. You can choose from some navigation, communication, and music apps, but there aren’t many options. For example, are you affected by a WhatsApp error where messages are read in English? Then the only serious alternative is Telegram, which is a chat app with far fewer users.

Android Auto Review 2021

In the same way, besides Google Maps, Sygic, and Waze (and soon Flitsmeister), you have very few options in terms of navigation apps. This lack of supply is partly due to strict security measures. After all, Android Auto is an on-the-go platform so it shouldn’t be too distracting.

Hopefully, the range of applications will expand in the coming years. For example, it would be nice if Netflix released an app for Android Auto. This way, the drivers’ assistants can watch their favorite series during a long drive.

3. The control panel is on the left

With Android Auto, the control bar – which has buttons, for example, to pause and resume music – is at the bottom. In the main competitor Apple CarPlay This bar is placed on the left. Tastes vary, of course, but in our opinion this is the most logical place for a system to use behind the wheel.

Wish list Android AUto
Apple CarPlay

After all, by moving the most important controls to the left side of the dashboard screen, you won’t have to go far with your hand to go to the Home screen, for example, or to start a new app.

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4. Richer widgets

Android Auto can also take a look at the way CarPlay organizes the Home screen. In our opinion, this smart platform uses widgets or “extended” applications.

With the CarPlay dashboard (which is actually an additional screen next to the home screen), you can see your route, expected arrival time, music player, and upcoming appointments in a jiffy.

Apple CarPlay Dashboard

With Android Auto, gadgets are still very limited. If you use another app on the go, like Spotify, you’ll only see the next turn you have to take at the bottom of the navigation bar.

Android Auto Wish List example
An example of a tool in Android Auto

5. Information about your vehicle

Moreover, it would be nice if Android Auto works closely with your vehicle. It’s purely hypothetical, but it would be nice, for example, to go to an overview page with stats related to your car via the platform. This page explains, for example, how your tires are compressed and how many kilometers you can still drive before your car runs out.

Speaking of which: the integration with Android Auto can be expanded even further. For example, it is not certain now that you can also use the control buttons on the steering wheel of your car for Android Auto. As a result, you often still have to use the touch screen, while you likely have a lot of control buttons to do nothing with it. It would be nice if you could use it to control Android Auto.

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What functions are you still missing in Android Auto? Leave your thoughts in a comment!

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