Secure email with Gmail thanks to this setting

Want to add an extra layer of security to your Gmail traffic? You can do that by enabling Secret Mode. We’ll show you where to find this setting.

Sometimes you need to email sensitive documents. Then you want to make sure that it first reaches safely to the correct recipient, but also that the recipient treats the information with respect. This is why it never hurts to build an extra layer of security into your mail traffic wherever possible. Gmail has a handy setting for this that you may not be aware of: confidential mode.

Enabling confidential mode limits what the recipient can do with your mail. For example, confidential emails cannot be forwarded, copied, downloaded, or printed. This setting isn’t hard to find, but you’ll need to enable it manually for each email individually. We’ll show you how to turn on confidential mode in Gmail.

  • Step 1: Web version

    We’ll start with the web version of Gmail. Open a blank email template to craft and type the content of your email. Before sending the email, tap the lock icon on the bottom taskbar to activate confidential mode. You set a time period for how long you want to keep the email secret, which can be up to five years, and if the recipient needs an SMS code, in that case you need to provide a phone number.

    Click Save your preferences Sends. The recipient will see a message that the mail was sent in confidential mode. If you activate an SMS code, the recipient must enter it first before they can view the email. So it’s better to give the recipient’s phone number, otherwise they won’t be able to open the email without your help.

    Turn on confidential mode

  • Step 2: Mobile (Android / iOS)

    Confidential mode is also available through the Gmail mobile app. You can find it elsewhere. Open a mail template and tap on the three dots in the top right. appears now secret mode. Now you also set the expiration time and whether the recipient needs the SMS code.

    mobile secret mode

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