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Electrician Simulator is a game focused on electrical work. The game and downloadable content are now available on Nintendo Switch. Sit back and relax at your PC or console and take on the role of a virtual electrician, without the risk of electric shock! Learn the secrets of the trade and become the best professional in town!

DLC for smart devices includes additional missions, smart tech fixes, additional tools, a new wireless sensor, and a toggle mechanism to indicate mission capabilities.

Your task in Electrician Simulator is to fix sockets, connect lamps or create simple electrical installations. Accept requests for electrical appliance repair in your workshop, disassemble appliances into parts and find damaged parts to replace.

Repairs – Just like in real life, in Electrician Simulator you can fix broken things, install sockets, repair consoles, remote controls, speakers, sockets, chandeliers, replace light bulbs and extend wires.

Story – Get to know your customers and solve their problems. With the help of the story you will feel like a real electrician. Don’t forget to gather all the necessary equipment before meeting with the client and make sure you double-check everything! There is no room for mistakes!

Requests – What’s more interesting than new challenges? This job is never boring! Check your work fund regularly and accept different applications! From small jobs to complex electrical installations! Don’t forget to measure your intentions – being an electrician is not a game, and poorly executed tasks can have serious consequences! It is best not to disturb customers.

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Workshop – In the heart of the garage you will find your own handcrafted workshop. Repair electrical appliances shipped to you by customers between standard orders. Receiving packages, disassembling devices, replacing parts, and finding a way to fix them.

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