The US Secretary of Defense covers up his hospitalization and ends up in intensive care outside

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin apologized for not announcing his presence in the hospital sooner. Austin was admitted to hospital on Monday for an unnecessary procedure, but then had to stay in the hospital until Saturday due to complications. According to American media, he is in intensive care.

The Pentagon did not announce Austin’s acceptance until after the end of the workday on Friday. “I realize I could have done a better job ensuring the public was informed,” Austin wrote in a brief statement. “I promise I’ll get better.”

As Secretary of Defense, Austin, 70, holds a key position in the command structure of the US Armed Forces. After President Joe Biden, who is the commander in chief, he is the second in command. He is the link between the military leadership and the president.

It is possible that this role could be transferred to a deputy minister, but it is unclear whether that has happened. The Politico news website reported on Saturday that Biden himself only learned on Thursday that his secretary was in the hospital, something the White House does not deny.

Austin did not mention in his statement the reason for his treatment. It is also unknown what complications occurred. The lack of openness has led to a storm of anger in Washington. Republican Senator Tom Cotton (Arkansas), among others, is demanding clarification from Austin.

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