New Executive Agenda GGD and Municipalities: “Living Healthy”

On 19 April 2023, the General Council of GGD IJsselland adopted the Public Health Agenda for the period 2023 to 2027. With this new management agenda “Healthy Living Together”, GGD IJsselland and 11 municipalities continue to work to promote and protect the health of all residents in the IJsselland region. The new agenda builds on the agenda of recent years. Promoting prevention and promoting health based on the concept of positive health are central in this regard.

The regional agenda is in line with national developments
The municipalities in IJsselland set a regional public health agenda for each administrative term. This management agenda describes the common ambition and intentions of the 11 municipalities in IJsselland and constitutes the guideline for regional cooperation and implementation by the GGD IJsselland. At the conclusion of the previous administrative period, it is proved that a lot of work has been done, but the movement envisaged by the municipalities cannot be achieved in a single administrative period. The national ambitions from the Integrated Care Agreement (IZA) also underline the necessity of the movement that has been launched. Promoting health and reducing health disparities from a broad perspective of health, information-driven action, and working together in networks is more important than ever.

positive health
A positive health approach focuses on people’s meaningful lives and emphasizes people’s resilience, self-direction, and adaptability. This change in thinking and behavior means less prescribing to prevent disease, but above all supporting the needs and desires of the people themselves for the things that make their lives meaningful. This approach is becoming increasingly visible in municipalities, GGDs and other organizations. Therefore, in all the substantive topics of the agenda, we choose an approach in which flexibility and self-management are central.

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current health topics
Therefore, work will continue in the coming years on the topics of previous years:

  • healthy and promising growth of young people,
  • healthy aging,
  • mental health f
  • A healthy and sustainable living environment.

We also work on a healthy social basis, ie creating preconditions that allow residents (with support if needed) to take control of their own lives and increase equality of opportunity in health.

These five core themes are still relevant and, moreover, fit well with the new tasks facing municipalities.

for work
The board agenda is a strategic document aimed at establishing contacts and organizing cooperation and teamwork. An integrated approach to health, care and wellbeing is key. GGD IJsselland coordinates implementation. The agenda is implemented in a programmatic approach, with an annual activity plan developed and implemented. This makes it possible to adjust the impact on current developments.

Read the Executive Agenda “Healthy Living Together”

Read the digitally accessible version of the Board’s agenda here.

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