New to Disney+ in May: Star Wars: Visions, American Born Chinese, and Crater

hFed up of wet weather? Don’t worry, because after the rain always comes the brightness of the sun. And even if that takes a while, it’s not exactly a drama. Disney+ will release a slew of new series in May. I’m thinking of Ed Sheeran: The sum of it alltwo Star Wars series called new science fiction series American born Chinese And Muppets Mayhem. But there are also all kinds of new movies to enjoy.

series: Star Wars: Visions And American born Chinese

Yes, you read that correctly: in May we get not one, but two new Star Wars series. Not surprising, of course, because May is also the month of Star Wars Day, which we celebrate on May 4th.

Both series are animated, but they are intended for a different audience. For example, we’ll see the first seven episodes of May Star Wars: Adventures of a Young Jediwhich happened 200 years ago Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace he is playing. The series revolves around a number of young Jedi – very young children – who are sent to a temple by Yoda for training. We follow them as they go on that journey and adventure in space.

In addition, this month we will be watching all episodes of the second volume of Star Wars: Visionswhich is aimed at a slightly older audience. This series consists of short stories about different characters from Star Wars. Additional fun: each episode is created by a different studio and therefore has a slightly different animation style. The respective studios are located in Spain, Ireland, Chile, the United Kingdom, South Korea, France, India, Japan and South Africa.

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In addition, we will see the new series from May 24th american born chinese, which is based on a graphic novel by Jin Luen Yang. The series is about an ordinary American teenager, whose life changes completely when he befriends the son of a mythical deity. The story tells of his struggle for his own identity, which is told through family, comedy and all the kung fu movies.

These series are coming to Disney+ in May:

  • Little Light (May 2)
  • Ed Sheeran: The Sum of Everything (May 3)
  • Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures (May 4)
  • Star Wars: Visions (May 4)
  • Muppets Mayhem (May 10)
  • Life Below Zero (May 10)
  • Chip and Dale: Parklife, Season 2 (May 10)

film: crater And White men can’t jump

As mentioned, many movies are also coming to Disney+ this month, such as crater. This science fiction movie is about Caleb Channing, who grew up in a mining colony on the moon. But now that his father is dead, he must move to a remote, idyllic planet. However, Caleb wants to fulfill his father’s last wish before he leaves. So he decides to steal a rover with his three best friends and a new guy who just came from Earth, to go on one last adventure and investigate a mysterious crater.

The movie will also be released on May 19 White men can’t jump, a remix of the famous 1992 movie. The movie is about Jeremy, a basketball player who was very good, but unfortunately could not advance in his career due to injuries. Against his will, he joined Kamal, another good player, but squandered his future in the sport. The two seemingly completely different men work together despite financial pressures and their own problems to get another chance at fulfilling their dream.

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You can watch these movies on Disney+ starting in May:

  • Psy Summer Swag 2022 (May 3)
  • Disney’s Enterlazados Live! (May 5)
  • Charles: In His Own Words (5 May)
  • Crater (May 12)
  • White Men Can’t Jump (May 19)
Image: Disney+

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