Andy Bellman’s passing doesn’t stop the directors: Fourth Neighborhood Police movie in preparation

New episodes of the TV series are also on the way. © VTM

Unexpected news about “Debuurtpolitie,” the VTM series that catapulted Andy Bellman to the BV shelf. A fourth feature film about the agents is in preparation. It’s been almost three years since the last part came out in theaters.

Tom Fitts and Wout Desmytere

Last winter, after a long hiatus, the TV series was revived neighborhood policeAnd now it looks like there will be a sequel to the highly successful feature films. Who exactly will he play and when will the film appear in the halls, this was not a foregone conclusion yet.

The chance of Andy Bellman (38) coming back is already slim. As Inspector Koen Baetens, he has been a part of the series since the beginning. He also starred in the previous three films, but made a dramatic exit early this year. in the cross Realistic stories: VIPs of the neighborhood policewhere all kinds of guest role got a guest role, his character was shot dead.

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The chance of Andy Bellman returning to a movie

The chance of Andy Bellman returning to the new “Neighbourhood Police” movie is slim. After all, his character died in the series. © True Stories: Neighborhood Police

Whatever the case, VTM gave the go-ahead for the film project. despite neighborhood police, a reality series written about a police force that was never a large-scale fantasy, the series became hugely popular. Since the first broadcast in February 2014, thirteen seasons have run, good for more than 700 episodes. In addition to Peelman, the series also meant a breakthrough for Ianthe Tavernier, now known as the Musical Actress, with the general public.

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In addition, a comic series that continues to this day began, a board game was released and the wire got its own attraction in Plopsaland De Panne. Other reality series such as Real stories: the clinic or True Stories: SOS 112both discontinued after two seasons, did not receive that honor.


Filming will start after the summer. The first three films hit theaters in 2016 (Big money theft), 2017 (tunnel) and 2019 (circus). Just like the series, they received the necessary criticism, but they were very profitable. They can all be canned in as little as ten days. So the cost was also very low. In addition, each of them also attracted more than 100,000 visitors to the cinema.

Three films from The Neighborhood Police have already appeared on the screens, all three are successes.

Three films from The Neighborhood Police have already appeared on the screens, all three are successes.

Last winter, the TV series was resumed with a “VIP version”. Seventy new episodes were recorded between November 2021 and last March. About thirty of them have already been sent, and about forty of them are still on the shelf. VTM is not yet in touch on a broadcast date.

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