Anger in the UK about luxury prison vaccine pedophile Gary Glitter

The 76-year-old musician has been in jail since 2015 because he cannot stay away from underage girls. In ‘The Vern’ (nicknamed ‘Luxury Alcatraz’) he doesn’t have a bad life though. The prison is known for its pleasant location and easy living conditions. In addition, Glitter still brings in tons of money with his music. To end the party, the ‘King of Glam’ has now got his vaccine there as well.

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This triggers some outrage from other parts of the world. In particular, David Spencer of the Crime Prevention Center thinks the vaccine lineup needs a little more thought: “A lot of staff and vulnerable individuals have not yet received a shot. It is wrong to be in favor of criminals. Imagine having a prison guard, notice that glitter, you haven’t been vaccinated yet. It does not make you happy. ”

Not pushed forward

Despite this, the British government says there is no rapid vaccination in prisons. Glitter is an old man, so it’s time to vaccinate him.

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