Angry Boris Johnson spoils the caliphate

Ten Conservatives already consider themselves the new Conservative Party leader and prime minister. “This succession portends to be more harmful than Margaret Thatcher.”

It can be very difficult to get the party and the country back on the right track, but there is certainly no shortage of candidates. It has already submitted dozens of candidates. So she was busy on political talk shows this past weekend: Candidate after candidate came forward to present themselves as a white rabbit.

In terms of content, two points of interest stand out. The first relates to economics and fiscal policy. The government recently decided to raise corporate taxes to fund increased spending on healthcare, among other things. Some prominent candidates, such as outgoing ministers Jeremy Hunt and Sajid Javid, want to go the other way: They want to boost the economy with what Hunt calls “smart tax cuts.” He thinks he can do that without allowing soaring inflation to grow. So perhaps a way out of the economic impasse may be sought in the classical neoliberal direction.

“Wok crap”

In addition, the culture wars after the American model seem to define the fight. Quite a few candidates present themselves as staunch opponents of the proposals of social liberalism. “All this waking bullshit has to end,” says Kimi Badenouch, former Minister for Equal Opportunity. “We conservatives fight cultural Marxism.” This comment immediately earned her a rebuke of British Jewry for saying that the idea of ​​cultural Marxism was part of an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.

“Anti Borisin” Sunak and Tugendhat open the succession dance

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Commerce Secretary Penny Mordaunt announced her candidacy on Sunday. She only did so after she first tweeted about people “trying to label her as awake.” She’s spoken in the past about the rights of transgender people, but she doesn’t want to be confined to the campaign.

also Secretary of State Liz Truss Officially submitted on Sunday. “I will run as a governor in this election and rule as a governor,” she wrote. Daily Telegraph† Promises tax deductions.

Tom Tugendhat, another competitor, called for unity, saying: “Now is not the time to let such discussions divide us.” But maintaining unity becomes difficult with so many job candidates. Especially with Boris Johnson resenting the role of the jammer. Now that famous Defense Secretary Ben Wallace is surprisingly not a candidate, the new nominee is Rishi Sunak, the Treasury Secretary. Sunak was the number two in the Johnson administration, but his resignation also started a wave of mass exodus last week.

Sunak “traitor”

Johnson privately blamed him for that. observer Four senior party leaders were quoted as saying that Johnson is full of resentment and is trying to anger everyone against the “traitor” Sonak. According to the same sources, Boris does not intend to say goodbye in style. He will be busy quickly appointing completely unqualified people to crucial positions, to make it as difficult as possible for his successor – whoever he may be. “It’s all very Trumpian,” that’s it in a nutshell.

There are even fears within the party that the damage done by this crisis will be even greater than the removal of Margaret Thatcher from the window in 1990. Thatcher was Prime Minister for more than ten years, but the ruthless manner in which she was impeached at the time left deep wounds. .

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The party board is meeting today to determine how to reduce the confusing field of candidates to two as quickly as possible. This is done through a series of voting rounds among Conservative MPs, in which the weakest one is eliminated. Once two members remain, party members may also vote in national elections by mail. A new party leader and prime minister must be chosen by the beginning of September at the latest.

The opposition believes that this is not true and calls for elections. “We don’t need to change from the last 12 months, but from the last 12 years,” Labour’s Yvette Cooper, the “shadow home secretary,” said Saturday.

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