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Johnson resigns after a series of scandals

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation on Thursday. He will continue to perform the duties of the Prime Minister for the time being until he knows who will succeed him. Johnson had been under fire for some time.

Most NU guys seem to find this an inevitable decision. However, there are also concerns about the future of the UK, English_Dutchman believes.

“As a UK resident, I am following these developments closely. The big question now will be who will succeed him. In my opinion, no candidate is really considered critical to pulling this heavy wagon.”

“I don’t expect to call an early election, given that at this point it could only result in a Labor victory. There are no real leaders with Labor either who have solutions on how to move this country forward.”

“Starmer and Rayner have just kicked everything in the last few weeks, which of course has been very easy to put them in. Personally, I don’t see them pull the country out of the doldrums, but instead cause more problems. It’s going to be exciting times here.”

Serious cases protesting against farmers

Farmers’ protests over the government’s nitrogen schemes led to dangerous situations last week. For example, on Tuesday, police fired shots and set hay bales on fire in several places along Dutch highways.

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Farmers can still count on support, but the method of protest infuriates reader TheMC.

“It amazes me that we react so emotionally to these messages. People who really support farmers are blindly behind them. Whatever they do is allowed in their eyes. Whatever the police, mayors, riot police, etc.” Do it, it’s all outrageous. On the other hand, you have the people who finished these protests and in their eyes the police should be tougher.”

“Let me say I support the farmers, but not the way. I understand their feelings and their despair, but by putting such pressure on other businesses and residents, part of my understanding has been lost.”

“I’m worried about the situation. Emotions are running high and I’m afraid a group will soon revolt against the farmers. Then it will explode. Let’s keep calm.”

In the debate about Njij, there has been much speculation about the circumstances surrounding the shooting incident. Reader Hammer reacts to those conjectures.

“The boy did something that resulted in him being shot. Then he was arrested. And then it is usual for him to be properly interrogated. Because he is a minor, it takes longer (parents should be able to be there, I believe he is also entitled to a lawyer). / A special confidant for children).

“The fact that there is a lack of clarity about exactly what happened yesterday slows him down even more.”

“If a group of hooligans outside the office wants to ‘liberate’ him (the words of Hermann van den Auer of the famous Defense Force), then harsh measures must be taken against these people. Others are here.

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“And whether the customer fired correctly is no longer relevant here. This investigation is also in full swing.”

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