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Today the Board of Health publishes its 2023 Annual Report entitled Show abroad. In addition to the numerical justifications, the Annual Report also provides insight into the advice published by the Health Board last year and into our activities in the previous year.

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With its independence and large network of respected scientists, the Health Board offers insights and action options based on the current state of science. But it is not only scientific developments that determine the health board's advice. The Council also pays great attention to the social, political and administrative environment in which advice is provided.

It is also important that our advice is policy-relevant. This means that the advice does not stop at scientific analysis, but also provides insight into implementation practice. On this basis, we identify business perspectives and discuss the possible preference for one of those perspectives.

The 2023 Annual Report has today been placed on the Health Board website and presented to our clients in the Ministries of Health, Social Welfare and Sport, IenW, SZW and LNV.

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