Pokémon GO is more popular than ever during the Sinnoh Tour!

During this year's Sinnoh Tour, the game became more popular than ever. Niantic is having a tough few years, marked by project cancellations and layoffs. But efforts are being made to ensure this Pokemon Go Success continues to pay off. Things are much better now. Among other things, trading volume is increasing. Partly because of the large number of tickets?

GO Tour Sinnoh was in many ways the most successful week ever. Without any doubt. Ed Wu, Senior Vice President Pokemon GoHe says he can confidently say the game is growing. This is also clearly seen in the data collected for the analyses. Very special? Last year the number of players in the game was one hundred million.

Despite complaints about ranged raids, the number of which has actually decreased, the number of raids has almost doubled compared to the previous Go round. Players have really come out within their community again. Even if you as a player have already earned your shine, which is what most players raid for, you stay together as a group to continue playing. This is of course what the game aims to do!

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