Apple’s weather app carries hidden features (here they are)

You may have already noticed that Apple revamped its weather app in iOS 15. It also has a number of new functions.

The weather app is probably one of the apps you use the most on your phone. This way you can easily see if you can leave your coat at home or if you should take an umbrella with you. Moreover, it is again an ideal topic of conversation in the coffee machine. With the renewed application from Apple in iOS 15 Do you have more to talk about?

New features in the weather app

The weather app has received a number of new functions. If you look closely at the ten-day weather forecast in the app, you’ll see a white dot. Indicates the temperature now. So you can tell if the temperature is close to the minimum or maximum. By the way, you don’t just see that white point at the temperature. It also indicates whether the maximum UV index and air quality. It also indicates in the drawing the point where the sun is. For example, see if you can go for a walk before dark, for example.

Since iOS 15, you can see more detailed information in the Weather app than in the previous version. For example, a temperature map is now also available if you scroll down. If you click on the card, you can also choose from different categories. It is also possible to see precipitation and air quality on the map.

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The appearance of the weather app has also been changed. For example, you can now also see the animation in the background of the app when it rains, for example. This only applies to phones with an A12 chip or later. This is from the iPhone XS and XR.

If you have iOS 15 on your iPhone, the updates will be done automatically. If not, you really need to update.

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Apple’s weather app carries hidden features (here they are)

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