Another delay for the Matter smart home standard

Bad news for the new smart home standard to come: Important. This initiative, launched by Apple, Google and Amazon, among others, is taking longer. We are likely to see more of them in the fall of 2022. The reason for the delay is striking: the default will be later due to “unprecedented interest”. In short, it seems that there are many companies in hypothetical Wanting to participate, he can’t appear yet.


Initially the standard was expected to be in place by mid-2021, then it became the end of 2021, then it became the beginning of 2022 and now until fall 2022. By the time the standard is in place, we will also have to wait for integration into smart home products. In short, we expect to see little in 2022 Thing

Shame, because the idea behind it is actually pretty good. In a world where you can buy cheap fake Philips Hue products at Action, you likely have many different brands of gadgets at home that go under the name “smarthome”. The Nest thermostat is combined with the Arlo Camcorder and the Google Home speaker. They usually don’t talk to each other or hardly talk at all, but if these types of devices all support the new Matter standard, they can work better together.

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This is one reason why it is a shame that this standard has taken so long: people are buying more and more smart home products, precisely because they are available in so many places fairly everyday. There are standards, such as Tuya or Zigbee, but they are not nearly as universal as Matter intends. Matter was created through the cooperation of big companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung etc. It seems more and more companies want to be a part of this. Makes sense in and of itself, because it’s smart to swim with the big fish, but it’s also annoying to ensure we’re in a waiting state.

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against the edge The consortium behind Matter said the software development kit is still under development and that there is still work to be done. The software development kit is important, because it is used by companies to add the material standard to their products. There are many companies that want a dev kit, which means not only that enough of it can be made available, but also the matter has to be done in such a way that the connected brand can also participate again, so that there is delay after delay.

130 auxiliary tools article

However, the organization behind Matter said what we can expect once the standard is in place. 130 different devices across 15 categories (and from 50 companies) will be part of the initial launch, including smart bulbs, smart locks, smart thermostats, sensors, and even smart TVs. These include platforms such as Linux, Darwin, Android, Zephyr, and Tizen.

In all likelihood, these 130 different devices could launch soon after Matter officially launches in the fall. Undoubtedly Perfect Christmas Tree Gifts: These were probably very cleverly planned.

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