Downside to success: It was just removed from Steam

The indie developer of Only Up, the 3D spiritual successor to Getting Over it, has been permanently removed from Steam

SCKR Games, the developer of the popular game Only Up, today announced that the game has been permanently removed from Steam. The developer is a small studio that not much is known about, but the game has become a huge hit in a short time thanks to various streamers who have made it world famous in a short time. The message reveals that the developer is actually an individual developer who has suffered from his great success. The expectations associated with the game’s success created so much pressure that the developer says he had to recover from it. He doesn’t intend to completely withdraw from the gaming world, but this closes an important chapter. He will now devote his time to further training as a game developer and will be challenged again after a while with a new project, this time hopefully with a small team.

The story is very similar to that of Flappy Bird, the popular smartphone game that has managed to gather a huge player base in a very short time. The developer pulled the plug on the project for the same reason. But also the creator of Minecraft, known as Notch, saw his mental health deteriorate after he gave the keys to Mojang Studios to Microsoft.

The announcement was accompanied by a final update to the game. Players who have purchased the game will continue to enjoy it. Many sites will simply continue to sell their remaining tokens for a while, with prices expected to rise significantly.

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In any case, we wish the developer every success and can only understand what must have been a difficult decision.

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