Motor Toon Grand Prix 2 was created by the creator of Gran Turismo

Legendary Japanese game designer Kazunori Yamauchi is intertwined with impossible authenticity Gran TurismoIt's hard to imagine that there was ever a time when he wasn't dealing with perfect micron versions of every R32 Skyline variant. Oddly enough, this was Yamauchi's last achievement before the first edition of 1997 GT Released on PlayStation: Brightly colored cartoon game Car Show Grand Prix 2. It's a bit like discovering that the great master Rembrandt began his artistic journey with crudely drawn penises in a biology textbook.

Believe it or not, though Car Show Grand Prix 2 It certainly shows traces of Yamauchi's dear charm. For a game that doesn't have to deal with the laws of physics at all, the control manages to surprisingly engage you in the action: the cars tilt and deform when you throw them into a turn. It's an exaggeration to say that you already have a group here Gran Turismo-DNA, but there's definitely more depth than your average fun kart racing game. All that nuance doesn't matter when she keeps pelting you with fireballs from behind.

Special characters in Car Show Grand Prix 2

As you might expect, the game has some crazy characters. Some things that stand out in our opinion: a team of mafia penguins, a pair of space dinosaurs called Raptor & Raptor – that'll be confusing when they get the mail – and our personal favorite, an imposing ringing robot called Bolbox. Don't smile too much.

Why isn't this game more famous and loved? Maybe because of the complete absence of anyone Split screen Multiplayer mode, a cardinal sin in a cartoon racing game. If you come with two people Car Show Grand Prix 2 If you wanted to play, you had to have two TVs, two consoles, and two copies of the game.

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