Do you enjoy Web WhatsApp? Not without biometric data

We recently wrote that there are quite a few the changes Come to WhatsApp in other countries, but a change has now been announced that we are also noticing in the Netherlands. This is specifically about Web WhatsApp and the Windows messaging app. Soon they will need your biometric data: your fingerprint or face ID.

Whatsapp Web

Soon, just scanning the QR code with your smartphone will not be enough. There must also be some form of validation. The WhatsApp He wants to verify your identity by requesting your biometric data. So you will probably need to provide additional confirmation either by using your finger fade or using Face ID (where your face is scanned).

Biometric data

WhatsApp, of course, is a little different from other apps and sites that you log into. Usually, a username and password will suffice, but WhatsApp is already associated with your phone number. This gives it a slightly different way to log in than you are used to, but it also means that you are using it in a different way. Hence, you should always scan the QR code displayed on screen when browsing with your phone using WhatsApp, instead of logging in with a username and password.

Of course your phone must be unlocked to perform such a scan, but this is not sufficient proof of WhatsApp. WhatsApp wants you to be more aware of the devices your phone is linked to with Web WhatsApp and it does so with this additional check.

Watchers watch out

For example, someone who wants to bully you – or worse yet, verify – can’t just use your phone for this if they happen to be open and naked next to them. You must use your biometric data for every contact. This is the data that your phone is actually using to verify that it is real. Whether you can also use a PIN code, say, is unknown, so he writes TheNextWeb. However, it’s not known what will happen if you don’t want to use your biometric data.

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It would be nice if WhatsApp sends a notification on the phone when it first appears on a new device The web WhatsApp or Windows app connects. In this way, you can keep a close eye on whether other people read your WhatsApp chats. On the other hand, requesting vital data is also a way to have more control over where your WhatsApp messages are read. It appears that the update will be rolling out to both iOS and Android devices in the coming weeks.

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