ANTWERP—British stand-up comedian Nigel Williams on Boris Johnson’s exit: “He’s nothing more than a ‘Trump van den Aldi'”

After scandals continued to pile up in recent months and 60 ministers resigned during his tenure, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had no choice. Antwerp-born British comedian Nigel Williams doesn’t see himself disappearing from the political scene.

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Nobody dies in politics. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already proven that. Nevertheless, the pressure to leave was so great that he eventually had no choice but to leave. He says he will do this only after his party elects a new leader. But will the eternal survivor really step aside, or does he have another plan up his bag of tricks?

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he ran for party leader again,” said Antwerp Brit and comedian Nigel Williams. “Johnson has repeatedly succeeded in upsetting the political establishment and it cannot be ruled out that he will try again.” During his tenure as Prime Minister, no fewer than sixty ministers resigned. Pastors Theresa May and David Cameron would never have sung for so long. “Even Thatcher did not see so many ministers leaving.”

“He’s lying”

Williams also points to the many lies Johnson was caught in during his premiership. “It is incomprehensible that the British have been swallowing all those lies for so long. But I don’t think they want to face it. Johnson says health care and social safety nets are nowhere better than in the UK, but in reality 1 million children are living in poverty and have to go to food banks.

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“Like Trump, he lies and gets away with it. He belongs to a group of politicians who have no other purpose than to undermine the democratic constitutional state. Johnson is nothing more than a ‘Trump van den Aldi’ who, like Trump, is part of the group of politicians around Steve Bannon. (American Political Strategist, Behind the Radical Right, ed.)† Johnson is very good at campaigning, but he can’t make long-term policy. The next prime minister will be smarter than Johnson, but it’s not that difficult,” the comedian said.

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