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Sit a lot for better health: You don’t have to tell me twice. As a fan of squatting, I’m more likely to be sitting on the floor than sitting in a chair, and that’s a good habit if we’re to believe the researchers. Sitting on the floor extends your life.

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Sitting on the floor a lot: these are the health benefits

Enough nice chairs and a nice sofa in my house, but I still end up squatting on the floor. This regularly results in surprised looks, because “that’s not good, is it?”. Brilliantly, right, if you ask me. It’s a pleasant surprise that experts are now discovering that sitting on the floor is a very healthy habit. Motto: Sitting on the floor more often can extend your life. Not just any statement. where are you from? The researchers looked at the population of Okinawa in Japan, the island known for the highest life expectancy in the world. It is very common to have less furniture in the house, and this automatically leads to sitting on the floor more often.

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To Well + Good, Dan Buettner, who has spent years researching the places on Earth where the oldest people live as a journalist, explains the relationship between sitting on the floor and living longer. And this is actually a very simple answer: those who have to get up from the ground automatically become more active. In his investigations, he saw Okinawan centenarians regularly flopping on the ground, then rising again. Results? several squat a day with flexible muscles, stronger bones and better mobility. Obviously, these are all components of better health.

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This research confirms what doctors have suspected for years: Those who wake up without much effort live longer. The so-called “sit-up test” is a measure of your health for a reason. The purpose of this test is to get up off the floor without using your hands, from a squatting position. According to researchers, people who can’t do this may be more likely to die prematurely. Of course, it’s not about getting up, but about the health cues that determine if getting up is possible. Enough reason to leave this lovely chair as it is tonight, then.

Oh yes: anyone who regularly sits on the floor, it is better to pay attention to her posture. This is how you know if you have good posture.

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