Apple-1 computer, Steve Jobs, and more: This auction is selling it

Have you always wanted to own a unique and iconic Apple product? Then this is your chance! RR Auction has 35 different items in its web store. From Lisa’s computer to a signed Apple 1, from Steve Jobs’ business card to his personal leather jacket: you can buy it all.

next one The things Steve Jobs, there is of course more to be found in the web store. There are also signed items by Steve Wozniak, Jeff Raskin and Ronald Wayne. In short: enough stuff for real fans!

Unique Products for RR . Auction

Starting August 12th, you can bid on most items in the RR Online Auction Store. Prices range from $200 to $50,000. Of course these are the starting prices and there is a very good chance that they will go up significantly.

RR Auction Apple
Steve Jobs leather jacket (Photo: RR Auction)

For example, you can bid for $200 on a NeXT jacket worn by Steve Jobs, a 1978 Apple Monitor and a 1983 Apple IIc prototype. If you want to get even bigger, you can bid on a personal Steve Jobs business card ($300) , a worn leather jacket ($2,500), an Apple II manual signed by him ($2,500), and a Macintosh motherboard signed by Steve Jobs and Jeff Raskin ($5,000).

Apple-1 . computer

The jewel in the auction is the Apple-1 computer. Kit includes original motherboard, Apple Cassette Interface (ACI), Apple II keyboard, standard cassette tapes, Panasonic RQ413S tape recorder, Taxan display, CFFA1-CF adapter, eleven-page Apple-1 Operation Manual by Ron Wayne, and Apple-1 manual replica signed by Steve Wozniak. This item starts at $50,000 and is expected to reach $450,000.

RR Auction Apple
Computer (Photo: RR Auction)

Interested in participating in the auction? then go to RR Auction website and subscribe. As mentioned, it is possible to bid on your favorite items from August 12th.

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Apple II, Apple I and many more unique Apple products for sale in this auction

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