Microsoft Visual Studio for the first time in a 64-bit edition

Microsoft plans to release its first public preview for Visual Studio 2022 this summer. The new version of the IDE will be launched in 64 bits. This will be the first time that Visual Studio is available in 64-bit.

Microsoft indicates that the new Visual Studio will be lighter and more intuitive than before. The program is said to be designed for beginners as well as for developers working on large-scale projects. In addition, the user experience will feel “cleaner, smarter and more action-oriented”.

Modern applications

Visual Studio 2022 itself comes with many improvements over the current version. This should make it easier to develop modern applications. For Azure, developers get comprehensive archives that include pre-built GitHub workflows with Actions and Infrastructure tools as code. In addition, Visual Studio 2022 will fully support .NET 6 and developers can use .NET Hot Reload to make code changes easily. C ++ has also been contemplated and users can expect new productivity features and IntelliSense. The new C ++ 20 features will make it easier to manage large groups of code and provide them with better analysis features.

Increased productivity

Visual Studio 2022 is equipped with various features to increase your productivity. In order to collaborate more effectively, Live Share will have an integrated text chat for quick advice. Users will also be able to schedule recurring sessions using the same link. For Live Share within organizations, Microsoft makes it possible to set specific session requirements.

Git and GitHub support will be expanded further. Visual Studio gets several built-in checkpoints that guide users through the code merging and review process. With this said, the software anticipates potential feedback from colleagues, which could slow down the process. To make the workflow more efficient, Microsoft integrates the AI ​​IntelliCode engine deeper and can better anticipate what the user will do.

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With Visual Studio 2020, Microsoft is also focusing on an enhanced experience for Mac users. The company is moving from Visual Studio for Mac to the native macOS user interface. This should be accompanied by improved performance and reliability. This will also allow the program to take full advantage of the accessibility features built into macOS.

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