British government: “Everything is on the table, including the law to stop the Super League” | Super League

More than 24 hours after the official announcement of the Super League, the reactions continued to rain. These reactions are particularly strong in the UK. After all, the British government is clearly on the side of the enemy.

British Government: “All possible measures are on the table”

The British government says it wants to do everything it can to stop the Super League. Assembly options are also considered.

“The Prime Minister is reassuring the government that a few club owners will not consider creating their own closed league,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement on Tuesday.

“In addition, all possible steps are being taken in the legal field to ensure that these projects are stopped.”

Johnson and British Sports Secretary Oliver Dow sat down with representatives of the FA, Premier League and supporters’ associations on Tuesday following a storm of criticism over plans to form the Super League.

“Don’t expect us to put off our plans now”

Many of the demonstrations do not seem to be changing the minds of the founding members at the moment. “Don’t expect us to suddenly drop our plans,” a club team member told Sky Sports anonymously.

“When we want to start a new competition, we are seen as aggressive people. Something has to change, but no one wants to hear it. We tried to find a solution in the current framework and now we are forced to do it elsewhere.”

However, on the condition that fundamental changes are made in the Champions League, he keeps the door ajar. “The truth is, the Champions League is not a commercial success. The clubs have no say in managing that competition. We have been raising it for years, but nothing has changed.”

“UEFA does not want to give up control. Those disappointments have been around for fifteen to twenty years. We are reluctant to grow our own clubs.”

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