Apple has stopped selling the iMac Pro

Apple recently canceled the iMac Pro from 2017. There will likely be a new model with its silicon chip on board this year.

According to the new indications Apple, city, cat Phasing out the latest version of the iMac Pro. Currently, you can still purchase the professional all-in-one device from Apple, but the company has announced that the device is available As long as the supplies remain. The intention is that those interested in a very powerful iMac will buy the new iMac as of 2020 because it has more or more to offer.

iMac Pro

Various websites teach us that the iMac Pro is still more powerful than the latest iMac in some scores and tests, but that has something to do with the additional cores that the Pro naturally has. Moreover, the creator of the iPhone also indicates that interested parties can buy the Mac Pro, but then you don’t have a display yet. For many, the strength of the iMac Pro lies in the fact that it is an all-in-one device.

Yet we doubt it Apple, city, cat Don’t set the model completely aside. There is a good chance that this is a temporary measure until a new model can be launched. Earlier this year and last year, it quickly became apparent that the goal was to launch an all-new iMac in 2021. Plus, the screen should be bigger and the design is more. Aligned With current Macbook, iPad Pro, and iPhone devices. Additionally, the creator of the iPhone will likely equip the new iMac models with the special silicone chips that you can already find in the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro today.

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