Webinar entitled “A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Office” with Professor Eric Scherder

Are you responsible for a company, office environment, or human resources? Do you want to know how your building affects the mental health of its users? Then the webinar “A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Office” with Professor Eric Scherder is for you.

Webinar titled The webinar is organized by the Blue Building Institute and CFP Green Buildings. Together we are committed to promoting human health, well-being and happiness in the built environment. Not only in the present, but also in the future.

a program

  • Opening
    Door Blue Building & CFP Green Buildings.
  • Case Study
    About the value of healthy buildings.
  • Interactive presentation by Eric Scherder
    During the webinar, Professor Eric Scherder (see photo) explains how buildings – and especially work environments – affect our (mental) health. During this interactive presentation, he will talk to you about what a healthy work environment should look like.
  • Lounge question and answer
    For further discussion with experts.

Eric Sherder
Professor Eric Scherder is Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology and Head of the Department of the same name at VU University Amsterdam. During this webinar, he will give an interactive presentation about the heartbeat of the work environment and the reactions of your mind. This leads to interesting and unexpected insights, which you can leverage as a business manager, facility manager, or HR manager.

CFP experts
Buildings affect our health because the indoor climate and the physical environment have a direct impact on health and well-being. CFP experts help different clients make buildings more sustainable, but also healthier, through online tools and consulting. After this webinar, you can ask all of your questions and WELL expert Demi Alders and CEO Bram Adema share their practical experiences.

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BBI experts
The Blue Building Institute focuses on human health and well-being. It improves the daily health of a population by influencing the design, financing and management of the built environment. Developments they initiate with partners not only apply to the built environment, but affect society as a whole. BBI experts are also there to answer all your questions about healthy buildings.

Webinar titled

Register now for this March 10 webinar (2 PM – 3.30 PM) via: https://www.bluebuildinginstitute.nl/webinar10maart

Are you unable to attend directly? Then record to view the recordings afterward.

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