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This is how you give digital learners the opportunity to work the old, trusted way …

The problem is that the bites of numbers do not go away. My mom is 65 years old. She has had a computer at home since 1998. That’s 23 years old. When this computer entered the house, it was a little bigger than I am now. I have used computer to edit pictures for a long time, and did well; But now that hobby has fallen off, and now the computer is only used with a little Facebook, her partner’s mail, some internet, and a game of Sudoku. (The computer wasn’t back in 1998, of course, but you got the idea.)

I totally forgot about the photo editing matters, and aside from the limited use of the computer, there is no family concern for any technology whatsoever; Somewhat dubious, such as refusing to fill out taxes online (communication is done online through a tax advisor, but everything is still organized on paper), no online banking (all weekly expenses and fixed costs are added on paper, comparison With what is on the bank statement), etc.

Despite owning a computer for 23 years, my mom is actually digitally educated.

My sister is my age, and she reaches no further than Facebook, Mail and Internet Banking. Nor is my husband’s son-in-law. There is no interest in technology and digital possibilities, my niece is smart enough, but she has never seen a computer before, except for a phone … so she knows nothing but YouTube and maybe a little bit of the Internet.

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The same goes for “old people who can’t do new things”: there are people who are already “old” at the age of 35; Completely separate from the path that society is currently moving in. The fact that my 80-year-old dad can no longer handle internet banking, DigiD, and online shopping, so … but as someone between the ages of 35 and 40, you don’t know how it works, is simply annoying. .

In short, the digital desire is pervasive. It does not go away “on its own”. They only disappear when there is no other way to do things, simply because otherwise you wouldn’t get your affairs done.

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