Apple has stopped updating the Mail AI app due to content concerns

Apple is blocking an update to the BlueMail app. This mail application uses a modified version of OpenAI’s GPT-3 AI model. The reason for the block is concerns about the content the model can produce, which will not be suitable for all age groups. Apple states that an app must have an age rating of 17 or older, or apply content filtering.

BlueMail is an app developed by Blix. Blix CEO Ben Volach speaks out about unfair treatment. It indicates that there are no restrictions imposed on other applications that use the GPT-3 model. “We want justice. If we’re asked to be over 17, then so should others,” Vollach wrote on Twitter.

Chat-based AI models are rapidly gaining popularity recently, in part due to the introduction of ChatGPT from OpenAI. However, earlier, apps didn’t always seem to get it right and sometimes it went wrong. Apple’s rationale for this ban highlights another concern: the kind of content these AI models could generate.

Blix has appealed the denial to Apple. Apple says it is investigating the request.

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