Apple hires all the top executives to be right

Apple and Epic Games will publish all of the CEOs, Vice Presidents and CEOs in the upcoming high-impact lawsuit.

The lawsuit Between Apple and Fortnite’s Epic Games is starting to take shape now that the witness list has been published. The $ 2 billion company is currently fighting a legal battle and Apple, city, cat She hopes to win it by throwing all of her top men at her. Tim Cook, among others, must have a statement against him, according to the documents Epic games Going to take off.

Apple hires CEOs in the Epic Games issue

The lawsuit, of course, revolves around the issue of “Is Apple abusing force and is Epic Games the victim?” According to the iPhone maker, all the big boys can help with this. Among other things TechCrunch The list of witnesses is published.

This includes, of course, Apple CEO Tim Cook, as well as Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi, Apple Fellow Phil Schiller, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, and Vice President Mark Raine. Even top executives at Microsoft, Facebook and NVIDIA must speak “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

Apple wants to demonstrate during the lawsuit against Epic Games that the Fortnite maker follows rules App Store Shattered. The game developer is trying to prove that Apple has a monopoly and is abusing it. Both parties believe that top executives can make a difference in this regard.

Meanwhile, Apple is implementing more interesting tricks. Last month The embarrassing truth appeared That Apple collectively wanted to obtain data from Valve’s Steam operator. Nobody knows why. It is not clear if this will lead to anything during the trial.

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The first session is scheduled for May 3. Much may depend on the process, as the upcoming judgments could mean something to many other tech giants. For example, Google can also process in the Play Store. Or Facebook can no longer stand up to Apple. We’ll see it this spring!

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