Apple HomePod Mini brings to Belgium and the Netherlands for €109

The HomePod Mini will finally be available with us from the end of March with Dutch Siri.

It’s finally time, Apple will officially launch the HomePod Mini from March in Belgium and Holland. The smart speaker with Siri on board will cost 109 euros and therefore supports the Dutch version of the digital assistant. In Belgium and the Netherlands, it was already possible to purchase the HomePod Mini via, but then you didn’t have access to Siri in Dutch.

Apple HomePod Mini

Apple’s mini speaker has already been announced by the tech company in 2020, but it has not been officially put up for sale with us yet for unknown reasons. Apple has now announced that the HomePod Mini will also be available with us, but hasn’t said a specific date after that. end of March

HomePod Mini is The little brother From the older Apple homePod speaker. The speaker’s strength lies in the solid sound quality and the fact that you can instantly look up to interact with Siri. Just like you do with the Google Nest speaker. The speaker is equipped with the Apple S5 chip that you can also find on the Series 5 of the Apple Watch. Moreover, you can, for example, combine two HomePod Minis with each other and you can also use them as an intercom.

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