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Apple has a great creative image, but in practice it’s one of the most predictable tech companies out there. The Apple Watch has hardly changed in design since its release in 2015. MacBooks have looked almost the same for years on end. A new iPhone design comes out every three years, and yet it doesn’t really represent a stunning change.

And it’s the same with iOS: For more than a decade, Apple has been showing off the latest features and options at its WWDC developer conference and releasing it in the fall. What else hasn’t changed: the feedback that the steps between the different versions are getting smaller and smaller.

We went to work with iOS 17 to try out the changes, and we’re also highlighting changes that you don’t see right away, but are under the hood. Are there any major changes in the look and function of your iPhone starting this fall?

As always, we caution against running developer betas on everyday phones. Although it seems that the errors are not so bad, there is always a risk that the applications and functions you are interested in may not work or will perform poorly. You can access it, because anyone with an Apple ID can install a developer beta. It’s an early version. The public beta is the real beta and usually follows in July.

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