Apple is abandoning the car project, and this may be for the best..

apple It has grown into a leading brand in the world of electronics and communications. The credit for its success goes to performance his devices (iPhone, iPad, iMac, etc.), but also – and perhaps especially – to her Elegant design Of its products. For several years now, Apple has also been aspiring to become one of these companies My own car For launch, electrification and autonomous driving.

Recently it became known that the Apple brand has this Billion dollar project he have give up. This is not really surprising, given that the car is also from Google He ended up going awry after years of failed tests.

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Unconvincing design

Now that the page has been turned, we're learning more about Apple's project, which has been largely kept secret. Mark Gorman is a journalist at Bloomberg The Apple specialist recently addressed the topic and revealed some of the secrets behind 'Apple car'. The least we can say is that the design of the car is in stark contrast to the usual style of the brand.


According to Mark Gurman, the Apple Car looks like one Mini busand more specifically on Canoe Lifestyle Vehicle, a 2020 minivan with a simple fascia and seats that wouldn't look out of place on a private jet. Oddly enough, the front and back of this model are identical. In addition, one of the team's designers will design Volkswagen ID. buzz From 2017 just copy and paste.


Autonomous driving is an unattainable goal

According to Bloomberg, the project has been essentially halted Autonomous driving. The car was essential Level 5 Without the need for human intervention. As we all know, this goal is unrealistic. That's why Apple had to shift gears and design a car — with a design that suits them Pedalsthat Steering wheel And facing forward Seating Which was not originally intended.

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In short, Apple had to face facts. The Cupertino company is now undoubtedly aware of this cycle Huawei And Sony The one chosen is more realistic and viable.

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