Fran ‘Nanny’ Drescher has suffered physical complaints since raid: ‘I’m trying to be Superwoman’ | celebrities

Fran Drescher has suffered from physical complaints since the long actors’ strike. This is what the 66-year-old president of the actors’ union SAG-AFTRA told the American entertainment channel “Variety.”

The “constant pressure” caused “infernal cold.” The former actress, who rose to fame with her hit series ‘The Nanny’, has now recovered. But Drescher also deals with a torn meniscus. “I try to be a superwoman, but sometimes my body reminds me that I’m not.”

However, Drescher is very happy with the agreement with the film studios, which was concluded last year. “No one ever thought we would come away with a deal worth $1 billion (the equivalent of more than 923 million euros),” says Drescher. “The CEOs themselves told me that. They didn’t see this coming. They didn’t see me coming.”

With the strike lasting 118 days, the actors union wanted, among other things, better wages and good rules for the use of artificial intelligence.

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