Stable career? This way you can get more exercise into your work day

Sitting all day has many disadvantages, such as lower back pain or neck problems. Therefore, if you have a sedentary job, it is important to keep moving during the workday. And you can do it in these simple ways.

According to one study, office workers spend only 101 minutes of the day standing. Among people who mostly work from home, one in three say they stand for just ten minutes while working.

Move during the workday

He. She research It also found that nearly one in four workers who increased their status at work saw a positive change in their mental health, and one in 12 say they make fewer mistakes.

So how can you stand more during your work day without devoting your only rest period to taking steps? UK Metro We’ve collected some useful tips.

Walk when you can

The first tip is: walk while you talk. “Why don’t you answer your phone call while you’re walking around?” asks personal trainer Natalie Rose Edwards.

“Not only does exercise and fresh air help clear your mind and thinking, it also freshens up your day with a change of scenery when you return to your desk.” And if the weather is really bad, take a walk around your house or your home.

Short and simple physical exercises

Another easy way to keep your body moving is to refill your drinks regularly. To get more steps, drink from cups rather than large water bottles. “So you have to make the trip to the crane more often.”

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Stephen Dyck of The Fitness Group recommends “activity snacking.” “You do very short exercises during the day, lasting a few minutes, to keep your body moving. You can do this several times a day, and it can consist of desk push-ups or walking and standing.

Try a dance break

If that exercise isn’t your thing, M. Stroud, business coach and author, recommends taking a dance break. “Three minutes of exercise and fun,” she says.

Finally, personal trainer Alana Kate Derrick recommends considering an adjustable desk. “It’s not the cheapest option, but it could definitely be useful to you.” And making sure your workplace is body-friendly is the latest advice.

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