Apple is exploring new ways AirPods can measure your health

AirPods may get a lot of new health-focused features in the future. According to a recent report, The Wall Street Journal. This includes taking body temperature and checking the user’s posture and hearing.

Rumors of Apple’s plans to expand the functionality of future generations of AirPods, is not new. Explain the company with Apple Watch She has been focusing on health for a while and would like to start doing the same with her wireless headphones.

However, according to The Wall Street Journal Still on long-term plans and even not sure if the features will actually be available to consumers. In other words, Apple is exploring some potential new health features, with no concrete plans to effectively integrate them into any of its next-generation AirPods.


One of the problems with adding health-focused features to wearables is that they are difficult to license. Governments are actually somewhat reluctant to recognize these functions as credible.

However, AirPods that measure the user’s body temperature appear to be possible. The analysis of the wearer’s position is also something that is not entirely new and has already been done by other devices.

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