Apple tweaks iOS and iPadOS

For bigger innovations, it will take some patience until Apple’s 16th mobile operating system, which you can expect to preview at the beginning of June. But iOS and iPadOS 15.5 also contain significant improvements.

Apple will almost certainly get its first glimpse of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, this time from June 6-10, which will include interactive tools. Until then, Apple users can already start with the 15.5 – possibly the last – provisional version. For some “older” iPhones and iPads, this may also become the final destination in terms of upgrades. More clarity on this will also become available in June.

Improved podcast management

As expected, iOS and iPadOS 15 include necessary bug fixes and Security updates† The Podcasts app is a real novelty, now you can decide how many episodes of your favorite episodes to save. Old podcasts are automatically removed if desired.

Comprehensive control

The functionality has been in the iPadOS beta for some time, but in version 15.5 Universal Control is available as a full feature. The tool allows the user to control their Mac and iPad using a mouse and keyboard. You can move the cursor from one screen to another, write on both devices, and even copy content from one device to another.

And also…

Do you have an Apple HomePod smart speaker? Then you can see from the WiFi signal icon whether the speaker is already connected to the Home app. The Photos app also has a feature that excludes “sensitive sites” from displaying your photo memories. Examples include concentration camps and Holocaust-related monuments.

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Other elements of iOS and iPadOS 15.5 are only available in other regions, or already indicate bigger novelties in the next version of the mobile operating system. An example of this is the code associated with Apple Classic, a new music app that specializes in classical music. This has everything to do with The Primephonic Music Streaming Service Acquired by Apple in the Summer of 2021

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