Artwork of the famous singer on the water tower suddenly “pisses” due to a well-aimed shot of the saboteur

The town of Kingsland in the US state of Arkansas is proud of its world-famous “son” Johnny Cash, who was born there on February 26, 1932. The country singer has become one of the most influential artists in the world, writing countless hits and winning dozens of awards. He passed away in 2003 but still watches over his home village as a work of art on the Kingsland Water Tower. But recently, Cash’s drawn silhouette was targeted by a vandal who fired a well-coated bullet into the crotch of the car. I walk the line– Singer swarm the water tank.

The photo now makes it appear as if Johnny Cash is urinating in the village he has returned to countless times during his life in the spotlight to hunt and visit his family. In addition, thousands of liters of water leak every day and the tank has to be completely emptied until it can be repaired. Villagers are not happy with vandalism, although some find the result funny.

“We only have a limited budget to keep the village,” said Luke Neal, Mayor of Kingsland. “Of course we can do without things like a toothache.” Although the man admits that he is also a bit impressed by the good shooting of the saboteur. “The Water Tower is clearly a big target, but he clearly had something more specific in his sights.”

Meanwhile, Timothy Slade, 38, was arrested for bombing a water tower. The man is now charged with sabotage and damage to a major utility company. Willful sabotage can spoil him: if convicted, he risks imprisonment of up to sixteen years.

Johnny Cash was born in 1932 in Kingsland, Arkansas and became one of the most influential musicians in the world © mph


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