Apple wants to keep wireless chip production close to home

Apple is seriously looking for new employees to focus on wireless chip production. This is the news highlighted by the US Bloomberg website.

door output Apple wants to achieve more independence. The company, in its own words, still relies heavily on companies like Broadcom, Skyworks, and Qualcomm for this.

Apple wants to produce wireless chips

that it According to Bloomberg Planning to open a new office in Southern California. If we are to believe the information, that office will open in Irvine. This is a city in Orange County that has an area of ​​170 square kilometers and has a population of over 270,000. Apple is currently looking for suitable employees who can work there on the production of the next generation of wireless chips. These should serve as replacements for the existing components.

To do this as best as possible, Apple is looking for employees who specialize in modem chips and wireless semiconductors. Job postings maintained by Bloomberg indicate that these people are working on integrated semiconductors and wireless semiconductors (frequencies) for Bluetooth and WiFi connections. There is also the following text:

“Apple’s ever-growing silicon development team is heading into the next generation of wireless silicon!”

Employees take center stage as members of the SoC design team and have a significant impact on Apple’s modern wireless solution that translates to hundreds of millions of products.

The strings in your hands

It’s clear that Apple is looking for more control. The company signed another multi-year contract with Broadcom in 2020. This deal is valid for three-and-a-half years, and will therefore ensure that Apple has the reins of freedom from 2023. This deal will not be renewed that year as the US company can rely on its own chips, if All went well.

Apple M3 chip: TSMC has already started production testing of 3nm processor

So it is also expected that CEO Tim Cook’s company will still have to rely on its partners in the coming year. Your iPhone 14 from next year will almost certainly have a Qualcomm chip.

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Apple wants to keep wireless chip production close to home

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