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Have you already purchased a biosimulator? It is a relatively new science that imitates the best of nature for new applications. They sound futuristic, but beauty products that contain biomimetic ingredients can do wonders for your skin and hair. “They give signals that put your cells back in action.”

Pharmacist Ilse Deplancke says the biomimetic ingredients have a laundry list of benefits. The name says it all: “Bio” emphasizes the natural aspect: they are ingredients that are naturally present in the skin and therefore rarely cause an allergic reaction. The term “mimics”, in turn, refers to the imitation of natural processes in the body.

“The biomimetics bind to specific receptors on the skin, activating a range of natural mechanisms,” says DeBlanc. In short: They do a lot more than just apply a smooth layer to the skin. They give your cells a boost in the ass and make those cells do what they’re supposed to do again. Compare it a little with a personal trainer. By providing the right information and signals, your cells will start working on their own.”

for your skin

EGF – short for “epidermal growth factor” – is a protein that is naturally present in our bodies, but begins to decline from the age of 21. By applying it to the skin, you get a waterfall of pleasant effects: the skin regenerates faster, resulting in a more youthful appearance and softer. And in the deeper skin layer, EGF stimulates fibroblasts (the cells that keep your skin firm) to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

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1. HarborPeptides ampoule, €49, in babor.be.

2. yotech, EGF + HA Roll, 64.85 euros, in the pharmacy (online).

3. biological effectEGF Serum, 135€ with Perfume.

for your hair

After scanning and analyzing all 1242 human keratin proteins and ten years of research, scientists have discovered a unique set of peptides that mimic the natural structure of keratin. They can – as the missing piece of the puzzle – restore damaged hair’s keratin bonds, so your hair becomes supple again.

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1. K18 Biomimetic TrichologyMolecular Leave-In Repair Mask, €75, Beige k18-hair.be.

2. Kevin Murphy, Smooth Again Rinse Conditioner, €25.50, at kmstore.be.

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