April updates for Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, S20 FE, Z Fold & Flip 4

Samsung releases the April update for the Galaxy S21 FE and S20 FE. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4 will also receive the update. On most — but not all — models, the update also contains some new features.

Galaxy S21 FE and S20 FE updated in April 2023

Having previously received the new Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S20 security patch and cute Galaxy S23 widget, the Fan versions for both series of devices. And on these phones, the update content is a bit much Miscellaneous bag. Because on some models you may get a new feature that comes from Galaxy S23.

On the Galaxy S21 FE, for example, the update size for firmware version G990BXXU4EWC7 is at least 1.1GB. Although the changelog doesn’t mention any new functionality, you might be able to after installation photo scissors to use. This is a function where you can place your finger on a person or object in a photo, and then copy or save it separately. So you have to display the image in a file Gallery. At the time of writing, we can’t verify it in our S21 FE editorial — but if you already have the update, let us know below if it is. photo scissors The function exists or not.

The same also applies to the Galaxy S20 FE with 5G (SM-G781B). The update is also important on this device, and the changelog list mentions improvements for camera And Gallery. The update is much smaller in two 4G variants of the S20 FE – SM-G780F and SM-G780G. So we assume these devices won’t get the new functionality in April anyway.

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By the way: the April security patch contains 51 improvements for Android and 23 for Samsung’s own. This includes a number of important fixes for the Exynos soc, which can only be found on the S20 FE 4G (SM-G780F).

photo scissors

Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 update in April 2023

In addition to the FEs, there are also Zs that are now getting the latest updates. A – also – the huge update is ready for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4. In the latter, the package with firmware version F936BXXU2CWCC itself is over 1.7GB in size. The changelog lists the known points: the April patch and the optimizer Camera and gallery functions. After installation, you can use the photo scissors Uses.

installation and availability

On all models with an update size of 1 GB or larger, you must take into account that power consumption is somewhat higher in the period after installation. With these major updates, the system may take a little longer to optimize itself again. However, the consumption, if all goes well, will return to normal after a few hours or days at the latest.

You can download the update directly from the Unbranded Galaxy S21 FE, Z Fold 4, and Z Flip 4 in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the rest of Europe. The update is now also available on various Galaxy S20 FE models — but not necessarily at all branded Vodafone and T-Mobile variants.

As always: you’ll automatically notice that there’s an update ready for your phone when a notification pops up. But you can also check availability manually via Settings -> Software Update -> Download and Install.

(Thanks for your report, Sander!)

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