Arceus doesn’t seem to be an open world game after all

Many fans can’t wait Pokemon Legends: Arceus On their Nintendo Switch it’s mainly about what is expected of the game. So we got the impression that this might be the perfect game from the franchise. An assumption we should be careful with, according to the Pokémon Company.

The company is trying to dampen expectations a bit by honestly acknowledging a misconception. Because we assume that Pokemon Legends: Arceus It becomes an open world game, and according to the Pokémon Company, that’s not a problem.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Not an open world game

Watch the players Pokemon Legends: Arceus as a version of Breath of the wild, but in the world of Pokemon. Something that will probably get many fans of the franchise excited. Although we still have to be careful with our enthusiasm, the Pokémon Company tries to calm our expectations.

opposite kotaku Let the company know Tell the company that we are not dealing with an open world game. At least, not like we used to Breath of the wild.

“in a Pokemon Legends: Arceus Jubilife Village serves as a base for expeditions. After you have a task or request, this is the place to prepare for the next trip, which you will also carry out from this place. When this work is done, they return to the village and the players can prepare for the next task.”

It is not mentioned by full name, but it should be clarified Pokemon Legends: Arceus more like monster hunter And Breath of the wild.

Can play from January 28

in a Pokemon Legends: Arceus You are in the early stage of the Snouh area. There your task as a player to complete the world’s first Pokédex. Something that you obviously do with the help of your own team of different Pokemon.

As mentioned earlier, the hype surrounding the game is huge and players can’t wait to get started from January 28th. Want to know more about this Nintendo Switch game? Make sure to read this article!

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus doesn’t look like an open world game after all

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