App of the week: Clean up your home screen with Niagara Launcher

Phones are becoming an increasingly important part of our existence, but the main screen isn’t quite tidy. Arguably Niagara is the least popular Android launcher you will encounter. What does the operator offer? Read the article to find out everything about it.

Niagara Launcher

You might think my home screen is fine, right? Everything you need is on it and easy to find. Who am I to say that this is not so but at the same time Niagara With its launcher I prepared a very nice package. Instead of displaying all apps simultaneously, this launcher developer chooses to display only the most important apps directly. These are the apps that you can choose yourself – as explained later in this article.

With this, you can always open all the important apps at once, and opening the app drawer might be a thing of the past. Of course there is still an app drawer available for all the apps that were not initially visible on the Home screen. To open the App Drawer, simply click on one of the characters on the right. The list of apps will then open and you can also scroll to view other apps if you need to. There is also an app drawer search function, which is located at the bottom right after opening the app drawer.

Install the trigger

After taking Niagara out of Google Play Store You can open the app from the app drawer in the old launcher. If requested by the device, you’ll have to accept to use the player as your home screen either once or forever – you can always set that up. After passing this screen, you will have to accept the terms and conditions to use this player. Also, it is not necessary to enter any data, and the application will not request this during and after installation.

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App of the week: Clean up your home screen with Niagara Launcher

In the next step, you need to select the most important apps. Niagara provides space for eight applications, but it could also be less. Were the most important applications chosen? Then click the check mark at the bottom. The installation will then be completed and you can then start using the launcher – Niagara as simple as that. However, there are a number of interesting situations that we would like to inform you about.

Read notifications

One of the most important functions is the ability to read notifications. Notifications will appear on the home screen with the relevant app. Media controls for apps like Spotify are also shown on the Home screen if you choose to read notifications by Niagara Launcher. To set this up, you need to open the launcher settings menu. You can do this by clicking on the circle in the lower right and then opening “Niagara Launcher”. Notifications can then be enabled via ‘Options and Applications’.

App of the week: Clean up your home screen with Niagara Launcher

If we remain on this list, you can also set hidden apps by adding or removing apps from the list. In this settings menu, you will also find the ability to swipe up to search all applications, as well as the settings for the Niagara tool. Bear in mind, a large portion of these foundations have been paid for. Only when you take Niagara Pro can you adjust these settings.

On the main screen of the player settings menu, you will also find the heading “Appearance”. With these settings, you can, for example, set the launcher wallpaper, change the size of icons, and set the launcher theme (light or dark). Some features require a paid version of Niagara, as are other settings.

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Niagara Launcher Pro

When you click on some of the jobs in Niagara, you will notice that you have to pay for it. For the subscription, you pay 3.99 € per year. Niagara also offers a one-time in-app purchase option, where you pay 10.99 €. After that, you no longer pay a yearly subscription. Of course you can also use the app for free, but the paid function can be more valuable. Are you planning to get Niagara Launcher To try? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article.

Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher

Niagara actually does what its name suggests. It turns your home screen into a waterfall of apps and notifications. The intention is to arrive faster.

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