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There is a lot of dissatisfaction with this approach on social media, and the show is said to be very limited. Some players also complain about the messy handling.

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Demand for Sony’s new PlayStation 5 (PS5) has increased since the Japanese manufacturer introduced its game console in November last year.

The series has not been able to meet the massive demand following the new show in recent days. Sony points to a global shortage of chips for its console with which to play its games.

This scarcity is wider: Toyota reported Saturday that it will delay production of cars in the Czech Republic by two weeks, because microchips are not available due to production failure due to the Coronavirus.

Many consumers who have placed an order with Mediamarkt for the PS5 for the base model or those with additional accessories, have received a refund with the promise that the amount already paid will be refunded within three days.

Delayed until July

To the lucky ones who got the PS5, the PlayStation will be delivered no later than April 4, according to Mediamarkt announcements.

Anyone who does not receive a console can order it and place it on a Mediamarkt ‘pre-order list’ for next delivery. “Then you can expect to receive the PS5 in July,” the group said on Saturday.

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Several buyers received the PS5 and responded positively online:

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Mediamarkt was asked for an explanation on Saturday, but was not available.

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