Zenivale police in quarantine Press information

In recent days, Zenne Valley Police District has faced many employee leaks. The district was on the safe side, and therefore I decided to conduct a precautionary test for all police district employees. Everything now points to a possible new type of coronavirus outbreak.

After assessing the risks and consulting with various local and regional authorities, especially the Agency for Care and Health, it was decided to take additional measures to prevent further spread of the virus and to organize services in a different way. However, police stations were closed in order to focus on the basics.

“Of course, our mission is and will be to help those in need. So urgent emergency calls are taken care of. Everyone will always be helped! People in need can still call the emergency number 101,” stresses Anilene Adang.

At the moment, the district is also doing its best to organize needed help from the surrounding areas and the Federal Police. In any case, the situation in the area is closely monitored by the Primary Care District, the Welfare and Health Agency and local authorities.

“In addition, we would like to remind you once again of the current measures against the Coronavirus and ask to continue to follow them accurately and accurately, especially hand hygiene, maintaining a distance, wearing a mouth mask when necessary and ensuring good ventilation at all times. These measures still provide the best protection. Against the virus, regardless of the alternative, ”Anneleen Adang concludes.

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