Are all those vegetable slices and wok cubes really healthy? –

You think you’re doing well by dropping the meat and choosing from a wide variety of vegetarian alternatives. But is this really healthy?

Although there is a big statement on the packaging that you are dealing with a vegan product, most meat alternatives are completely processed and therefore not necessarily healthy. For example, many of these products contain methylcellulose, which should provide a meat-like structure. in mice show dust It alters the gut microbiome and increases inflammation.

Soy protein concentrate provides the necessary protein, but contains an amount of nitrites similar to that of bacon and bacon. This salt is often added to meat products for a longer shelf life. It is known that it can be harmful to the kidneys and intestines.

Meat substitutes are definitely a good alternative to meat because they often contain a lot of protein and other healthy substances that are usually found in meat. However, there have been concerns for some time about the high salt content of plant-based meat substitutes. Furthermore, little is known about the long-term health consequences.

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