Are smarter chatbots a good development?

Mirck explains that BlenderBot 3 is very different from the chatbots we know today. The tech journalist read in conversations between the chatbot and users that BlenderBot 3 thinks it’s self-aware. He also saw that the bot wanted to start conversations about conspiracy theories. “I find that very frightening.”

This is because the bot feeds on the data it finds online. “It copies what you see on the internet and learns from the data that is being fed,” Merck said. The tech journalist is not happy with this development. “Lots of crazy ideas are already being shared online and this bot will make them spread even more.” According to Mirck, Meta can also better focus on the issues the platform is facing, such as fake news and a new Metaverse that isn’t doing well yet, rather than building an AI chatbot.


The company notes that the robot was developed to further develop the field of artificial intelligence. To develop this, as many users as possible need to “talk” to the bots so that there is more data for the bots to fill in.

For example, more and more companies are using chatbots these days and they are becoming more and more popular. Merck: “It’s attractive to companies because chatbots are always available.” Also, according to the tech journalist, half of the people won’t even realize they’re talking to a bot.

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