“are you a boy or a girl?” Teen Badly Beaten In…

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14-year-old Dutchman Frederik from Amstelveen was badly abused by a few boys on Monday, because the teenager was asked “Are you a boy or a girl?” She gave an answer that did not satisfy her assailants. Her father Paul Brink told us on his Linkedin profile. His daughter was taken to hospital for her injury.

The father’s novel provokes great tears for readers. On Monday afternoon, Frédérique walked into the Westwijk district of Amstelveen. There a boy of about 14 years approached her. Are you a boy or a girl? My daughter replied sweetly: ‘It doesn’t matter.’ He shouted at her again: ‘Are you a boy? Or a girl?” She replied gently again: “I am what I am and you can be what you want me to be.”

Various injuries

“The boy didn’t like it,” Father Paul Brink wrote. “With several blows to her face, she broke her nose, several teeth, fractured her jaw and sustained several serious facial injuries.”

The police stated that they belonged to four or five boys between the ages of 11 and 15 and were taking the incident seriously. “We are on top of the issue,” a company spokesperson said. The clothes are currently being checked for DNA traces and camera images are being inventoried.”

To testify

Amsterdam police are calling witnesses to come forward. The serious assault took place at a stadium in Albert van Dalsomlan and Caro van Eckhof in Amstelveen, shortly before 2:30 in the afternoon. Prior to the attack, a confrontation may have occurred between the victim and the suspects at the Westwijk shopping center, near the Albert Heijn branch. The victim will file a report as soon as possible.

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Loving feedback

Finally, the father wrote that he was very proud of his beautiful daughter Frederick. “Because she wants to be who she is. Boy or girl. Whether she’s explicit, gay, or bisexual, she (and all of us) don’t care.” After the unfortunate attack, the family was showered with over 5,000 warm and loving reactions. “For the time being, Frederic is recovering peacefully at home, accompanied by her sister and brothers.”

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