Are you affected by the Coolwalk bug in Android Auto? This is how you solve it

Google has come up with an updated Coolwalk interface for Android Auto in 2023. The split-screen mode has been suffering from a bug since the end of last year that led to screen freezing.

Coolwalk not only introduces a new design language for Android Auto, Material You, but also introduces an easy-to-use split-screen mode. This allows you to display Spotify and the messaging service on the screen in addition to your navigation app. The system also takes into account the aspect ratio of the screen on which Android Auto is displayed, so that apps and the taskbar are always placed in the best positions. Unfortunately, the feature seems to come with a persistent bug.

Coolwalk screen freezes

Shortly after the introduction, it became clear that users who activate the Coolwalk function are sometimes unable to operate the lower half of the screen. However, the error is difficult to imitate: in many cases, Coolwalk works without any problems, but sometimes the function seems bogged down. Interestingly, even restarting the app or smartphone does not provide any relief; The user can simply not use the lower half of the screen.

Google has not yet commented on why Coolwalk functionality has been discontinued. There is currently no possibility of a solution from the search giant. However, Android Auto users, which regularly suffer from bugs, now have a problem I found the solution myself. They determined that the error was due to different animation options in Android Auto. Therefore, these options may cause part of the screen to freeze when using Coolwalk.

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Here’s how to fix Coolwalk error

More specifically, it concerns two options that users must disable: “Remove animation” and
“Reduce transparency and blur.” You can adjust the settings in the Accessibility options of your Android phone.

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However, not all Android phones provide these settings. It is sometimes not available, especially on older Android phones. In this case, you need to set the animation speed of the smartphone to 0.5x. This can be done via the developer menu of your smartphone. If you are familiar with this list, feel free to modify it. For all other users, we do not recommend changing the settings in that menu.

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