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Spring break begins this weekend. Tours don’t expect major problems with access to the ski areas during the exodus to winter sports resorts on the evening of Friday and Saturday 26 February. In most of our neighboring countries, saffron began to leave partly earlier. Mobility organization VAB expects heavy traffic, as a quarter of Flemish people who used to do winter sports regularly before Covid-19 will go skiing again this winter.

Spring Break is traditionally the most popular winter sports holiday. Spring Break is also available in Central and Southern Holland, Region B in France (north and southeast of the country), Basel Region in Switzerland and Hamburg and Bavaria in Germany.

at France Since November 1, winter tires and/or snow chains have been mandatory during the winter season in mountainous regions. Not expect to get around to much trouble for the exodus itself. On Friday it will be busy with small traffic jams (orange) in the Paris region and in the Rhone-Alpes region. Traffic elsewhere is smooth. On Saturdays there is only heavy traffic (code orange) in the Rhône-Alpes region.

at Germany It will be crowded with a chance of traffic jams (in orange) Friday afternoon, evening and Saturday in southern Germany towards Austria and Switzerland. at SwitzerlandAustria And the Northern Italy Traffic jam is expected on Saturday with some traffic jams before departure (orange). The biggest traffic congestion is expected between 9am and 5pm.

In Germany, Luxembourg and Austria, winter tires are mandatory in winter weather conditions. Make sure your vehicle is equipped with this when driving in these countries. Snow chains may also be mandatory on some mountain passes in the Alps and the Pyrenees, and due to frequent snowfalls in recent weeks, there is a possibility that you will need them.”

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As for the comeback, Saturday 5 March is an orange day in the Alps region of France. Elsewhere, Turing does not expect any problems to return. In Germany, especially in Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland and northern Italy, heavy traffic is expected on Saturday 5 March and to a lesser extent on Sunday 6 March with smaller traffic congestion (“orange day”) heading north, especially between 9am and 4am.

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