Russia: Five Ukrainian “invaders” were killed, Kiev talks about fake news

However, there is still hope for a diplomatic solution. The foreign ministers of the United States and Russia will meet in Geneva on Thursday. A new summit between Russian President Putin and US President Biden is taking place this week.

French President Macron had two phone calls with Putin yesterday. Then he also called Biden. According to a French adviser, after that conversation, Biden asked Macron’s Putin to propose a new meeting. The condition for a new conversation, according to the Elysee, is that there will be no Russian invasion in the coming days.

The Kremlin denies the meeting is soon. It can be set up quickly, but according to a spokesperson, it is “too early” to talk about plans for a Biden-Putin meeting.

Ukraine welcomes a meeting between Biden and Putin, but it also wants a seat at the table. “No one can solve this without us. Everything must happen with our participation,” said Ukrainian security adviser Danilov.

Diplomatic consultations continue

This afternoon, Schultz will call Putin. The French and Russian foreign ministers are also holding talks.

Today the National Security Council of Russia meets. Putin is expected to deliver a speech after that. Then he contacted German Chancellor Schulz.

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