Are you having trouble with your menstrual cycle? This study says: Take a cold dip

Cold shower or refreshing swim: The health benefits of immersion in cold water have been proven many times. But a new study shows that cold water can reduce symptoms during menstruation and menopause.

One of the participants in Research from University College London He describes cold water as “exceptional” against such complaints.

Swimming in cold water

About 1,114 women between the ages of 16 and 80, who regularly swim in cold water, participated in the research conducted by the British University. Of these, 785 women were in menopause, and 711 women had menstrual complaints. Among this group, six out of ten women indicated that they swim in cold water specifically in the hope of reducing their menopausal symptoms.

This hope turned out to be unfounded: 35% of women experienced reduced mood swings. In addition, 31% noticed that their mood improved and also reported hot flashes.

One 57-year-old participant responds that the new ritual is “extraordinary.” “All physical and mental symptoms disappear. I feel my best.” Another participant experienced mainly a mental boost. “Exercising with a group of women has a therapeutic effect. The stories, friendship and laughter are part of the magic.

Women who suffer from menstrual complaints have also seen positive effects. They found that diving calmed them down, improved their mood, and generally made their menstrual days more pleasant.


Don’t want (or have the time) to take a dip in a pool or natural waters every morning? Then of course a cold shower will suffice. Previously written subway We’ve previously written an article about the eight benefits of cold showers, as well as some useful tips and tricks for sticking with it. Because let’s be honest, taking a cold shower isn’t easy.

Health coach Myron Jacobs gives in an interview with HLN Another tip as well: “Don’t take a cold shower immediately for three minutes, but shower slowly. Never jump into an ice bath, and always make sure someone is there or you are guided by an instructor. There are also some contraindications for use, such as intolerance to cold or winter fingers.”

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